Oysters are Disgusting: On Adventurousness

I have a confession to make: I’m not very adventurous. Sure, I’m not exactly shy, and I’m pretty good about trying new things “in the moment”, but I rarely go out of my way to do something out of character, and I almost never come up with them myself.

I’m the one in the Batman hoodie with the terrified look on my face.

I’m the one in the Batman hoodie with the terrified look on my face.

For example, this past weekend was my mom’s family’s Christmas gathering. Like any modern American family, this means we had more food than could reasonably be consumed, even by a room full of adults, and that there were a wide enough variety of choices to satisfy most any craving, including oysters.

Now, my sister and I likely have the least amount of culinary experience, being that, unlike the rest of the family neither of us is much for cooking, and we don’t really travel (being broke sucks, man), so while the other dozen or so members were eagerly slurping down the gooey mollusks on their relatively hideous shells, the idea to try one never really crossed my mind. That is until my sister said the three words I apparently can’t seem to resist: “I dare you.”

That’s how I ended up in a large group of my aunts, uncles, and cousins, all counting to three and downing oysters like tequila shots.

I’d rather have had the tequila.

But despite the fact that I now realize that all the time I’d spent avoiding oysters as a meal was time well spent (they’re basically like sea snot), I did have a new experience, and that’s something I’ve decided I’m going to try to do a lot more of this year. It’s one of my unpublished resolutions. The point is, I never would have had the experience if my sister hadn’t first suggested it.

Since it’s unlikely that I’ll suddenly be able to come up with interesting things to do, and since the main point of this blog is for me to write more, I’m instead going to spend the year adding to my experience by working my way through a couple books by Keri Smith.


Technically these books are for artists looking for unique inspiration, but I’m going to alter a few of the instructions and put more effort into the “tell the story” bits than the “alter them artistically” ones. I’m not so great at that.

So look for those posts in the future, and here’s to a year full of new experiences and exciting adventures.

I probably should have stopped at the tequila.